College Learning Outcomes

The goal of the CLC Learning Outcomes is to prepare students for lifelong learning, to maintain high academic standards and to advance student success in future academic work and careers. The skills represented in the learning outcomes are developed by completing coursework across the curriculum and by participating in student organizations and clubs.


Work cooperatively and contribute productively within varied group dynamics to achieve shared goals

Critical Thinking

Identify issues, define vital questions and analyze evidence that leads to well- reasoned judgments and conclusions

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Assess conscious and subconscious biases, understand the root causes of societal inequities, and examine positions of power and privilege to help cultivate an inclusive, equitable and antiracist society

Information Literacy

Find, analyze, summarize, and document information responsibly in order to support a hypothesis, thesis or position

Oral Communication

Present orally or engage in dialogue that is appropriate to the given context in both delivery and style

Quantitative Literacy

Understand numerical data, solve quantitative problems, and apply mathematical reasoning to various academic and everyday life situations


Identify the interconnected dimensions of social, economic, and environmental issues involved in creating a more just and sustainable future


Create various forms of written communication that appropriately attend to audience and purpose, and, when applicable, incorporate and respond to the ideas of others