Dual Enrollment, Dual Credit, Articulated Credit

Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit

The dual enrollment and dual credit programs at CLC offer high school students opportunities to earn college credit prior to graduating from high school. Dual enrollment allows high school students to enroll in CLC’s regularly scheduled classes. Dual credit courses are free CLC courses offered under agreements between CLC and specific local high schools. Students who participate in dual enrollment or dual credit must meet CLC’s academic proficiencies as identified in the college catalog. Students who are concurrently enrolled in high school (public, private or homeschool) are not eligible for federal Title IV funds.

Articulated Credit

Articulated credit is awarded for high school courses under agreements between CLC and area high schools. Articulated credit posts with a grade of T on students’ CLC transcripts and is not included in students’ GPAs. Taking an articulated credit course allows students to complete CLC degrees or certificates more quickly, but the courses will likely not be accepted for transfer to other colleges. Students who earn a B or better in an articulated credit course have up to three years after completing the course to submit the Articulated Credit Request form to obtain credit for it.

High school students should check with their high school counseling office to see if their high school participates in dual credit or articulated credit and to see what courses are available. For additional information about articulated credit or dual credit, contact the P-20 Educational Partnerships department at (847) 543-2030.

Admission for Students Under the Age of 16

A student under 16 years of age must be judged by both the high school and the College of Lake County to possess both exceptionally high academic ability and maturity to handle the discipline and personal skills required for successful completion of college work. A student less than 16 years of age is required to submit all of the credentials outlined below to Registration Services in order to enroll in credit courses:

  1. Official school transcript(s) showing successful completion of the most advanced course offerings from the high school in the subject area in which the student wishes to enroll at CLC


    A letter of recommendation from the high school department outlining the student’s intended course or study at CLC. Home-schooled students should submit the following credentials to Registration services: A letter from the home educator listing completed curricula


    A letter of recommendation from the home educator outlining the student’s intended course of student at CLC.

  2. Completed CLC Student Admission Form, which can be found at www.clcillinois.edu/apply.

  3. Completed Secondary School Reference Form for students less than 16 years of age.

  4. Middle school students must provide a letter from their district high school confirming that the high school cannot academically accommodate the student’s needs and that the educational level needed exceeds the high school level.

  5. All students must submit independent documentation of exceptional student ability through a standardized test. Acceptable standardized tests are listed on the Secondary School Reference form.

In addition to providing items listed above, students must meet all course prerequisites prior to the CLC division dean’s consideration.