Residence Status and Policies

Students are classified at the time of admission to the college for purposes of tuition assessment and enrollment reporting according to resident status as listed below:

In-District Illinois Resident Student:

1.  A student who is 18 years of age or older and who has lived in Community College District #532 in some capacity other than as a student at a post-secondary education institution or a correctional institution for at least thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the semester of enrollment at CLC.

2.  An unemancipated student under 18 who has at least one parent, step-parent or court-appointed guardian who meets the above criteria.

3.  There are some communities within Lake County that CLC only serves a portion of its residents. If you reside on a community college border, your property tax bill or voter registration card will identify your community college.

Out-of-District Illinois Resident Student:

1.  A person who resides in Illinois but is not a resident of Community College District #532 as defined above.

2.  Includes residents of the Barrington, Illinois public high school district.

Out-of-State Student:

1.  A person who is not a resident of the state of Illinois.

2.  International students and other non- immigrant aliens.

Proof of Illinois Resident Status:

Evidence of district residency shall be based on ownership and/or occupancy of a dwelling in Community College District #532 and may be verified by displaying one of the following:

•  Illinois driver’s license or ID card issued by Illinois Secretary of State Office

•  an Illinois voter ID card


By displaying two of the following, which must display the student’s name and current address:

• lease

• mortgage or home purchase contract

• auto registration

• tax bill

• paycheck stub

• official mail of current bill statements, such as cell phone, utility, credit card, auto insurance

Additional information and proof of residency may be requested to assist students in determining residency and for applying the appropriate tuition rate.