Students are responsible for officially registering in classes they attend.

  • Registration for the Fall Semester generally begins the preceding March.

  • Registration for the Spring Semester generally begins the preceding October.

  • Summer term registration generally begins in March.

    Check the College of Lake County website for up-to-date registration date information.

Registration must be completed on or prior to the first day of class and is available online. Students requiring assistance may contact the Welcome and One Stop Center at the Grayslake Campus, or at the Lakeshore Campus in Waukegan or at the Southlake Campus in Vernon Hills.

Late Registration

CLC strictly enforces its policy that students may not register for a class after it has begun. The policy states that the final day to enroll is midnight of the first day of the specific class. After that first day, late enrollment will be allowed only under extraordinary circumstances approved by the dean of the division for the class.

Course Load

The course load for a full-time student ranges from:

  • 12 to 18 credit hours during the Fall and Spring Semesters

  • 6 to 10 hours during the Summer Session.

Maximum Credit Load: Special permission from an Academic Success Advisor must be obtained for more than 18 credit hours during the Fall and Spring Semesters or for more than 10 credit hours during the Summer Session.

Summer Intersession is part of the Summer Session, and only one intersession course is recommended, because intersession courses are very accelerated.

A good rule to follow for 16 week courses is to plan for three hours per week for each credit hour taken; one hour for the formal class meeting and two hours for outside study and homework. For courses that are shorter than 16 weeks, the expected amount of time per week increases proportionally. An employed student should vary his or her course load according to the number of hours he or she works.

The number of credit hours that a student may take is limited for those on academic restriction.

Final Examination

A final examination is generally required in all courses. Examinations dates and times will be available to students in their student portal after registering for classes.

Except under emergency circumstances, a student may not be excused from these examinations. If a student is unable to appear, it is his or her responsibility to inform the instructor prior to the scheduled examination.

Repeating a Course/ Re-Enrolling in a Course

Students may repeat courses that are identified in the course description as being repeatable. Repeatable courses are those that teach a skill that may be improved through continued practice or those whose subject matter changes from semester to semester. The number of times these courses may be repeated is identified in the course description. In some cases students may be stopped from enrolling if they have exceeded the maximum allowable attempts at a course (i.e. KIN 121 for 4 credits).

Students may also re-enroll in a course in an attempt to improve their grade or for other reasons. When a student re-enrolls in a course, the highest grade earned, or the most recent grade if all the grades are the same, will be the only grade computed in the student’s grade point average.

Grades that are not computed in a student’s grade point average based on the repeat rules will be noted on the transcript.