Admissions and Academic Information

Admission Policies

CLC provides a wide range of learning opportunities to meet the various educational needs of students from diverse educational backgrounds. The college welcomes all who may benefit from its courses and programs of study.

An individual will be admitted to the college by completing the Student Admission Form found at The college serves those who are high school graduates, others who are 18 years of age or older, and individuals under 18 years of age who meet established criteria.

Admission to the college does not guarantee entrance into all courses or programs of study. Entrance into specific programs may depend on other criteria such as age, evidence of language and mathematics skills and level of education. Students taking college-level courses must demonstrate college-level competency in language and mathematics. In addition, students are required to complete specified prerequisites prior to enrollment in certain courses.

The college reserves the right to limit enrollment because of space or budget restrictions, to establish selective admission requirements and to give preference to residents of Community College District #532.

Admission to Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering Science and Associate in Fine Arts

To qualify for unconditional admission to these programs, students must provide evidence that they have attained a certain level of knowledge in the arts and sciences through previous learning.

Evidence may be provided by observing the following procedures:

  1. Successfully complete the admission requirements. See Information listed here.

  2. Submit either a high school transcript or a student profile report from the American College Testing (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Programs showing the achievement listed below:

A.  High school transcript showing successful completion of the following:

  • Four years of English emphasizing written and oral communication and literature.

  • Three years of social science emphasizing history and government.

  • Three years of mathematics including introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry or fundamentals of computer programming.

  • Three years of science including laboratory science.

  • Two years of electives from any combination of foreign language, music, vocational education or art.

Up to three of the 15 required units of course work may be redistributed by deducting no more than one unit from each of the categories of social science, mathematics, science and electives and completing those units in one of the other categories.

B. ACT Student Profile Report showing the completion of the high school course distribution requirements listed above or standard scores of 21 or higher for English, reading, mathematics and science reasoning.

C. SAT Report showing scores of 500 or higher for verbal and mathematics.

Registration Services will consider exceptions to these procedures on an individual basis for students who have completed 30 or more semester hours of course work with grades of C or better from an accredited college or university, those with an associate degree from an accredited college or university and those who present equivalent course work or test scores.

Students who are unable to provide any of the forms of information indicated above will be conditionally admitted to the degree program and will be required to complete all of the following prescribed College of Lake County courses:

  • English:  ENG 121 English Composition I

  • Speech:  CMM 121 Fundamentals of Speech

  • Mathematics: Any mathematics course required for the A.A., A.S., A.E.S. or A.F.A. degree in this catalog

  • Science:  Any lab science course from the list required for an A.A., A.S., A.E.S. or A.F.A. degree in this catalog

  • Humanities: ENG 122 English Composition II or any humanities course required for an A.A., A.S., A.E.S. or A.F.A. degree in this catalog

Admission to Limited Enrollment Health Career Programs

Health career programs are open to a limited number of students.

Computed Tomography, Dental Hygiene, Health Information Technology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Medical Imaging, Registered Nursing, and Surgical Technology students must complete a special screening procedure.

Preference will be given to residents of Community College District 532 and community college districts with which CLC has a cooperative agreement. Students who live outside of CLC’s district, but are eligible for in- district tuition because they are employed by a district employer are NOT considered residents of the district for purposes of selection into the program.

Students may qualify for in-district tuition under the CAREERS agreement.

Admission for Students Enrolling in Adult Education Classes Only

Free Adult Education classes are intended for people who live in Lake County or work full time in Lake County. Students enrolling in adult education classes should submit the CLC Student Admission Form, which can be found at

All of CLC’s Adult Education classes are open to residents of Lake County. If you are on a short-term visit to the United States or here under a B1, B2, F1, F2, J1 or J2 visa, you are not eligible. If you are younger than 16 years old, you must meet additional requirements and register with an official and completed Secondary School Reference Form.

Admission for Students Under the Age of 16

A student under 16 years of age must be judged by both the high school and the College of Lake County to possess both exceptionally high academic ability and maturity to handle the discipline and personal skills required for successful completion of college work. A student less than 16 years of age must complete these steps in order to enroll in credit courses:

  1. Official school transcript(s) showing successful completion of the most advanced course offerings from the high school in the subject area in which the student wishes to enroll at CLC . Home-schooled students should submit a letter from the home educator listing completed curricula.

  2. A letter of recommendation from the high school department outlining the student’s intended course or study at CLC. Home-schooled students should submit a letter of recommendation from the home educator outlining the student’s intended course of student at CLC. Middle school students must provide a letter from their district high school confirming that the high school cannot academically accommodate the student’s needs and that the educational level needed exceeds the high school level.

  3. Completed CLC Student Admission Form, which can be found at

  4. Completed Secondary School Reference Form for students less than 16 years of age.

  5. All students must submit independent documentation of exceptional student ability through a standardized test, such as the ACT, SAT, or CLC placement tests.

    Students must meet all course prerequisites prior to the CLC division dean’s consideration. Students less than 16 years old are not eligible to enroll in developmental or remedial courses. Students who have not received a high school diploma, GED certificate or its equivalent are not eligible for financial aid.

    You will be contacted when all documentation has been received and reviewed. You may be required to meet with the Division Dean that oversees the courses before approval can be granted. If approved, you will be registered in the courses you are requesting. Students less than 16 years old cannot register for classes themselves.